Network Plus (Thailand) Company Limited, one of  leading  network engineering services provider in Thailand, We are working with the well known premium      customer     such     as
CS-LOXINFO   PLC  ,  LOXLEY   PLC ,  JASMINE PLC ,THAICOM PLC,  G-ABLE , AIS PLC , etc to provide network engineering, data communication , and security system. In the part of  survey, design, provision ,  construction, optimizations, integration,  maintenance, and all after sale service with the latest technology and performance engineering and subcontractors  teams

We have been in the business of network engineering since 2004. Since then, we have expanded our experiences to become a one of leading network engineering service provider in Thailand by all Thai peoples.

Over the years, we have acquired advanced technological competencies and achieved a credible track record in the design, deployment and upgrading of fixed and wireless communications networks, data communications, and Security systems.
A strong of technical resources and expertise, Network Plus offers a one-stop shop telecommunications provider that can best meet the demands of its customers.