Network Plus through understanding of existing and emerging technology means that we can provide you with the best solution.  Our proven experience in large-scale migration has   deepened our insight and led to the development of systems to effectively manage your migration needs, which may include
Our attention to detail at this level is vital to bring your new network alive, We offer Migration of your customers from one system to another minimizing disruption of service to your customers, Proven experience I large scale network


When, equipment has been installed and tested, our technical experts can create a seamless interface with your network or the PSTN. We offer equipment integration,customer cut-over and  database update.
Integration is an area of expertise vital to network performance. Our approach ensures that the right resources are applied consistently across your network to effectively forge systems and equipment together. Excellent Planning and proven experience are the essential ingredients for seamless network integration, we are offers Interface of private networks to the PSTN, Interfacing new networks to existing networks, Network synchronization, Testing, Performance optimization and operational network optimization.