Network Plus knows the expert project management is the key to successful network delivery, Whether your network stretches across town or around the country, equal focus is given to the management of every aspect of getting it operational and generating    revenue. Network PlusĎs project managements are expert facilitators, maintaining open channels of communication assessing and incorporating customer needs all along the way. The project Management (Project Manager) is your single point of contact, making it as easy as  possible to work with us. Our dedicated project management teams are committed to getting your network delivered on time with in budget and to the highest quality. Based on customerís  satisfaction, Network plus sets objectives in every tasks of process in order to achieve the main goal of the project. Control and verification are attached in every aspect of projects to avoid human error. Machine to Machine, mobile phone to PC, PDA to PC, is one of the strategies used to control quality and accuracy of project outcome by elite plus software tool management.


The construction phase is the culmination of meticulous planning and design, itís where everything comes together fast. The ability to combine construction and installation actives means that Network Plus works smarter, harder and faster to   deliver your network. One of  Network Plusís primary strengths is our ability to mobilize construction and installation teams across the country who are familiar with the full spectrum of equipment and plant demands, and who work in accordance with effective proven processes. An in house quality control group  conducts regular audits on each project so that   issues are identified and resolved early avoiding cost/time impacts. Safety as well as quality is woven into all our standard construction processes, critical due to the very nature of some telecommunication construction activities. Our   impressive track record on safety demonstrates the effectiveness of these systems and our ongoing training and awareness initiatives.